Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ahead Of The Curve

All of a sudden, there are numerous references to liberals as being part of a cultural tribe. Debra J. Saunders has it over at San Francisco Gate.
To trash Bush was to belong. There was little upside in supporting Bush, even if you had supported his agenda.
And Glenn C Loury writes on The Call of the Tribe in the Boston Review
Growing into intellectual maturity has been, for me, largely a process of becoming free of the need to have my choices validated by the brothers. After many years I have come to understand that, until I became willing to risk the derision of the crowd, I had no chance to discover the most important truths about myself or about life—to know my calling, to perceive my deepest value commitments, and to recognize the goals most worth striving toward.
I've got over two dozen posts on the subject - by far my most favoritest topic - under Cultural Tribes.

Thanks to sissy willis


Sissy Willis said...

My favoritest too. Thanks, big time, for the link. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ayuh, ahead of the curve. Do you remember Tom Lehrer's Folk Song Army, which may have been a precursor to the classification of tribes?

We all engage in some sort of tribal thinking, or as you recently stated, in hive thinking. I look at those on the left talking about X... Y ..Z, and think to myself, these were the clowns who were wrong about Central America,about dealing with the Evil Empire, about Gulf War I, about welfare reform, about...