Friday, January 23, 2009

Things That Last Longer

Since Chris left for Parris Island, I have noticed a few things in my life last longer than before: gas in my car; sugar in the bowl; cigarettes in the carton; coffee in the bag, laundry soap.

Chris is sort of doing well. He's had a bad cold, inflamed knees, an infection in his eye and face, and he's always hungry. He's been there three weeks Monday. He sounds upbeat.


Anonymous said...

God bless Chris! And he must have more stamina and "best foot forward" nature than most people - so he'll endure it all and be all the stronger and wiser for it. Thank goodness such trials and milestones have end-dates (as in "this too shall pass"). Cheering for him, and will keep him in my prayers. Best, TomG

Donna B. said...

My husband picked up a habit in boot camp that annoys me daily. He eats very very fast, practically shoveling it it.

He says this is because in bootcamp, if you didn't shovel in all you could in the short amount of time allowed you were going to be really really hungry.

I tell him, bootcamp was 45 years ago and then he tells me you never forget what you learn in bootcamp.