Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Ernest Chronicler

Young Samuel over at The Ernest Chronicler was discouraged by lack of traffic, and his posting dropped off. I encouraged him to gird up his loins and begin again, so give him a visit. He has just put up new posts.

Sam is now in high school, but I haven't seen him since he was just easing out of twerphood. Yet even then, he was an intelligent twerp, an interesting twerp. When he first came to our church at age four, he would only answer to the name "Yellow Bird." This irritated his parents deeply, but my sons thought it was hysterical and encouraged it. He got more eccentric but less irritating from there.

He's a violinist. He has a nice cleverness of phrasing. Drop by.


Sam said...

You remember my Yellow bird days?

Ben Wyman said...

Man, do we ever.