Sunday, January 25, 2009

Talk Radio

No, not that talk radio. At the lower end of the radio dial there are both Christian and public radio stations. Interestingly, I can tell which kind of station it is almost instantly. Just a few words, a tone, a cadence, without yet knowing the content. I'll bet most people can tell the difference quickly as well.

And I don't like the sound of either. I don't like the way they are talking to me. I can get past my dislike of the style if I am making an effort to ignore it and get to content, but both styles give me an immediate inward dismay when I hear them. The exceptions for each style would be Ravi Zacharias and Car Talk. Uh, for different reasons, obviously.


Ben Wyman said...

It is remarkable to me that the phrase "holier-than-thou" existed before Christian radio.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I can hit the scan button on either within a few words!

On long drives I find other talk formats around that are very interesting (on AM mostly). There's a car show out of Detroit that puts Car Talk to shame. Real gearheads talk about real cars (will remind you of the scene in "My Cousin Vinney" with Marisa Tomei.

The other is a truck driver show. Lots of talk about the professional aspects of trucking (pay, rules, equipment) as well as just general interest.

It's a nice reminder that there is a wide world out there.

Anonymous said...

Something I'd like to see: Ravi Zacharias doing a guest appearance on Car Talk.

I actually listen to a Christian radio station on line that is located in the Tri-Cities area of eastern TN right on the VA border - WCQR. I came across them on a business trip once and couldn't believe that they actually sounded like a professional radio station. No, really.