Saturday, December 15, 2007

Is The War Moral? -Quick Review

Part I drew a comparison between the moral justifications for America’s other wars and the Operation Iraqi Freedom. Despite widespread opinion that the justification for this war was marginal at best, it in fact exceeds all our other wars except WWII.

Part II identified the founding of the United Nations as the dominant reason for the change in American expectations of what is necessary to justify a war. We now expect the UN to be “in charge of” international questions. I drew a distinction between the idea of the UN and its actuality, claiming that its uselessness has been so profound that it would be worthy of our contempt even if it were not corrupt.

There is much more I could have said about problems with the UN-Actual, but figured that others have done it better.

The Mezzanine floor and UN Resolutions posts linked to larger caches of data about both the uselessness and the corruption.

I have not yet made any positive case for the morality of the GWOT in general or the War in Iraq in specific. That is coming. First I will go into the other issue left hanging: the Idea of the UN, and whether anything might be salvaged from it.

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