Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bad For Your Health

Yet another coworker has gotten injured while exercising - in this instance riding a bicycle - and will be out over three weeks. The nature of the injury is such that without surgery that would keep him out even longer, it will be an increasing inconvenience for the rest of his life.

People get really ticked when I repeat one of my favorites: Exercise is bad for your health, which I traditionally follow with You go into an emergency room, it's just filled with people who have been exercising. (Admittedly, more true during the day than at night. But still...)

Let me rephrase this in a less humorous, but more accurate way: Exercise is really good for you - when everything goes right. Capice?


Erin said...

Hmm...I'm reading this while checking through blogs before heading down to the gym. I feel conflicted now...

jlbussey said...

Ditto what Erin said... :)