Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Here Is Better

The women who visit this site apparently reason better than Robin Gerber, who is described as Senior Faculty at the Gallup Organization.

Gerber's point seems to be that because many people would perceive Hillary as untrustworthy anyway because she is a woman, she is therefore not untrustworthy. Those little Lewis Carroll counters and all those a/-a statements from logic textbooks might be helpful here, Robin.

The research she cites is interesting, and even illuminating about how women are perceived and the special difficulties they face in positions of authority. But with Senator Clinton, we are not talking about impressions. She is untrustworthy because she says things that are later shown to be untrue.


jlbussey said...

No one ever had to write those sorts of articles about Margret Thatcher as I recall.

Anonymous said...

Untrue and that is the basis for her current meltdown.

Hillary is more than just untrustworthy, I think she is out right dangerous for the republic.

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