Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Anti-nutritionist Screed

Update: Link fixed

Do people become dieticians because they like tinkering endlessly with other people "for their own good," or does the field make them that way? Extremes of weight on my current caseload has the nutritionist at every team meeting these days. We have a 5'5" gentleman who weighs 357 pounds, and a 4'11" woman who once got down to 56 pounds. The dietician can't shut up. Neither of them are here for their weight problems, lady! The man is a personality-disordered registered sex offender who can't find anymore landlords who will rent to him, so he's "depressed" (he's actually having a ball holding court in the day area) and suicidal. The woman is at 92 pounds presently and has been working nicely on her underlying anxiety and codependency problems in the community but had a setback over Christmas because of her crazy, controlling family. We don't want to be tinkering with her food issues more than we have to, because that will set off all her control issues with us again and we'll have her here forever fighting with us over tube feedings, you interfering twit! Her fascination with the balanced life practices of Hindu mystics doesn't inspire confidence that she is at heart much of a scientist in the field, either.

"I called several of my friends over Christmas who specialize in eating disorders..."
Well don't! Bug off!

Thus it was with great irony that I read this article in the NYT science section (their science section continues to be pretty good, despite the front-page bias). The damn nutritionists have made us all fat.


MaxedOutMama said...

The link did not work for me. I think nutritionists sometimes suffer from mental issues of their own....

Anonymous said...

A dear family friend was about to undergo surgery for esophogeal cancer, including insertion of a feeding tube. The day before surgery she was brought a full dinner tray with a glass of skimmed milk. She longed for a glass of cool whole milk. When I asked at the nursing station, I was told that her latest glucose values were too high and that the dietician had ordered the low cal milk. The fact that she had consumed no other calories in the meal she couldn't swallow was irrelevant. A dying woman who would never be able to eat again was denied her last wish, and I lost all respect for dieticians.

Anonymous said...

This is an example of what is referred to by the maxim (I believe it goes this way) If The Only Tool You Have Is A Hammer, Every Problem Starts To Look Like A Nail.

For instance, and pardon my effrontery, psychologists tend to look at all problems as psychological problems. Diplomats think that talking can solve every problem. Politicians think everything has a political (that is, making laws and spending money) solution. Clergy tend to look at all problems as spiritual problems. Etc.

Anonymous said...

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