Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Snow Driving

I complain after every first winter storm how many drivers seem unable to comprehend that snow is more slippery than pavement. I have usually blamed this foolishness on people moving to NH from away, but I have come around to a more depressing conclusion. A lot of the folks sliding off the road are indeed NH natives, who should know better.


I thank the reader for his indulgence.


Jerub-Baal said...

I can remember, as a kid, when the first major market SUV's started being popular (the original Blazers and the like, when they were still called "trucks").

It was always humorous to drive by some 4X4, down an embankment with the occupants standing around debating what to do next.

It was humorous because my Dad was driving an AMC Hornet at the time, which just might qualify as one of the worst cars for traction in history.

I think it is a variation of the "Volvo Effect", where people believe that since they have the safest car in the world, they don't need to know how to drive. Just change "Volvo" to "SUV" and add "in snow" to the end and you've got it.

Dubbahdee said...

Four wheel drive is NOT the same as four wheel stop.

I am a very good driver, and I buy my underwear at KMart. Even I had a few moments of skid fun yesterday.

Could it be, at some level, we are all Massachusetts drivers at heart? What better argument for original sin?

jlbussey said...

Ditto that complaint here in the Pacific Northwest when the rainy season start. Saw a pickup truck spin a near 180° just today. Too bad the fool didn't end up in the ditch.

bs king said...

You know after 4 winters working in the ER, I've discovered that it's really true that we get as many accidents in during minor storms as major ones. Nobody slows down at the first sign of snow, everyone has an arbitrary, and mostly wrong, idea about when it's actually dangerous. I think the thoughts must go something like "Hey, I'm from NH, I've seen more snow than this!" as they talk in to their cell phone, change lanes a couple times, and promptly skid in to a ditch and wonder how that happened.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean...living in montana, 8 miles out of town, narrow windy road with a normal 55 mph limit...even slick and icy people will pass. Amazing I haven't seen anyone ditch it in the last four years. It does get worse in town though.

But then, we've only had the one really light snow this season...and some rain.