Monday, December 10, 2007

Where Are My Manners?

BS King, from Fair Trade Certified, who often comments here, is engaged.
She joins Erin, who is also engaged and comments here, but has a much less interesting site, mostly because she works full-time, goes to graduate school, and is overconscientious.

Lauren, also in our circle, is also engaged, but she is neither overconscientious nor posting on any blogs. There are also several serious girlfriends smoothing their hair and waiting to step out on stage in the little troupe that is my younger friends. This circle of life thing seems to be spiraling out of control at present.


Erin said...

Best of luck to the newly engaged!

I believe there's something in the water in Christian colleges. Now the contamination has spread.

If only my life were that stress-free! I'm working full-time, working part-time, plodding through graduate school, planning a wedding, trying to stay connected with friends and family in two different states,a and I'm an overachieving perfectionist. So nothing is written. Ah, the days of college when I was free to procrastinate! Back then my blog thrived!

Jerub-Baal said...

Circle of Life Thing?

We had another kid this year, does that count?

With four children in the house, it certainly feels out of control (at least, once a week...).

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Yes that certainly counts.

Four is a lot these days, as the culture has changed. We have four, but never all four living at home at home at once. Interestingly, two out of the four mentioned, Bs king and Lauren, are from families of four children. Erin, poor dear, had only a sister.

Erin said...

She made up for the lack of extra siblings though!