Monday, December 24, 2007

Unexpected (Mildly) Good News

The rhetoric among the Democrats that Obama is the one to bring us together has irritated me for three reasons. First, it is that reliance on charisma again, beloved of all progressives, most independents, and even an annoying subset of conservatives, who see charm as a solution rather than a danger in a political figure. Secondly, it smacks of the childish self-centeredness which says “We wouldn’t be having all this conflict if you would just do things my way.” The country is divided. The Democrats solution: vote for a Democrat – then we won’t have to argue any more. What? You mean you don’t want to get along? Third, on what possible basis do we found the belief that he will bring us together? The man has never run anything. BHO has never done anything but make some nice speeches. Couldn’t we watch him at least run a committee or a golf tournament before making him president?

Yet I have discovered a positive side to this identification of Obama as one who can unite us. The idea contains within it the dim recognition that maybe Hillary Clinton divides the country not because some conservatives just don’t like her but because she is herself divisive. The gradual dawning that we have been especially angry at each other since before 2000 back to hey, 1992(!) strikes me as an encouraging step.


Der Hahn said...

I grit my teeth every time I hear him intone "Don't just tell [the American] people what they want to hear, tell them what they need to hear". (Since I'm in Iowa I'm doing it a lot these days).

This grates for a similar reason. You're not telling people what they need to hear, you're telling people what *you think* they need to hear, Mr Obama.

Same-old same-old liberal self-flattery ... our disagreements are based on *your* (conservative's) ignorance.

Lokki said...

The Obama/Hillary equation is quite simple in my opinion.

In the beginning, the emotionally based pollitically correct Demo-Emo's felt they had to vote for Hillary because she's a woman (Hear her roar!). Having the Clinton name, of course, got her entry to the game (Can you imagine Hillary as a successful poltician without the Clinton Factor?) but the fact she is female has kept her in the game.

However, the fact that Obama's Black makes him a permissible politically correct substitution for Hillary the White not-so-nice female. Nobody likes Hillary - period.

Nothing either of them says really matters to their supporters - neither can do any wrong.

How they will play with the broader electorate is a different quesiton.

Obama is just too fresh and naive.
Hillary is just too mean and cynical.

If the Republicans could field a decent candidate they'd win easily.... unfortunately, I think it's going to be another very close devisive election.