Saturday, August 18, 2007


Chris started driving to Houston on the 15th. That was also the day I took my DDC-4 class. Not the day, really, to watch crash-test dummies slam into windshields or cartoons of internal organs crushing into ribcages. Carried in heart: youngest son, not noted for exceptional judgment in many things. Visible on screen: yawning young man weaving off the road at night.

But he made it just fine. 39 hours minus 1 hour of sleep, Goffstown to Houston. He tried to pull over to sleep, especially during the second half of the trip, but from Knoxville on the temperature was over 100, and the ancient Saab doesn't have AC that works.

His pal Steve was a great help. Steve was going to share driving, so we paid for a return flight for him. However, Steve lost his driver's license the day before leaving, and they also had to delay the start so that Steve could get a non-driver's ID to get on the plane coming back. Then Steve slept most of the trip. When Chris wanted to nap in Knoxville, Steve asked that they find a skate park so he could 'board while Chris slept.

I hope it's a good lesson for Chris, that your jolliest friend isn't necessarily your best friend. He's safe, anyway, sleeping in his brother's air-conditioned apartment. For those who were worried, Digger is also fine, though they had to carry him up to the apartment because of the unfamiliarity.

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Dubbahdee said...

Oh man, does this ever bring back memories of my cross country car trips. 79 Subaru GL. 5 people plus their luggage, dropping them off along the way. Waking up in the passenger seat at 6:00 a.m on I-90 just in time to see a deer jump in front of the car, missing by inches. Driving unplowed road all the way across VT, and then finally spinning into a snowbank in Hillsboro. Love the 4WD. Dropped the lever and drove neatly out of the snowbank. Drinking about a 1/2 gallon of really bad convenience store coffee on the way up from Nashville. Enough cream and sugar can make almost anything drinkable.

I never had to deal with a friend who lost his license and wanted to go boarding though. Probably best that he didn't drive anyways.

Glad to hear he is safe. Now the real fun begins.