Saturday, August 11, 2007

Romanian Wedding

Crina and her attendants (Crina means "lily.")

My two sons and their Romanian family. Cata, the groom, is their older brother, who they had lost contact with for many years. The girl in red is their 15 year-old sister, Ina, who lives with a whining aunt and uncle. In my recent reflections on the fluidity of real life and the unusualness of events, Ina figures prominently. She might have become our daughter if things had gone just a little differently. But because the aunt and uncle "rescued" her from the orphanage, abandoning Chris and J-A, she was not part of the picture when we were adopting. It is eerie, and more than a bit sad for me to look at her. If I ever play Will Dearth in "Dear Brutus" again, I will bring the proper poignancy.

Waiting for picture-taking

Circle dancing at the reception. Chris is in the center, in blue. Ina is on the left side.


Anonymous said...

What great pictures. I was at SOCIAL SENSE (latest offering by Mustang) and wondered what your family - the Romanian part - think of America, its values (or lack thereof) and just how we're "doing" these days.

Again, great pictures. It looks like a happy event and all. Good luck to the new bride and groom.

Anonymous said...

You can still love Ina and be her benefactor. I have a grandniece with whose education etc. I mustn't interfere, but I can pray and send gifts and just love up a storm on her.

Anonymous said...

beautiful wedding