Sunday, August 19, 2007

Those Swedes Again

American progressives have such a fascination with Sweden. It seems to them that they've just got it all put together just right. The most intensive level of socialism in the free world; beautiful women who are reportedly willing to have sex indiscriminately by American standards; free abortions; a decent standard of living - what's to criticise here?

It used to pain me to do this, because I am of Swedish descent and have spent my adult life in Christian denominations in which Swedishness was next to godliness (Lutheran and Covenant). But the facts must be faced, and the Swedes have gotten where they are by A) ruthless capitalism when it comes to Swedes competing on the international market - all that sharing is for Swedes only, and B) capitulation to the point of prostitution with the tyrannical movements of Europe, both fascist and communist.

Now that Sweden is not a monoculture of Visigoths, having encouraged immigration by Middle-easterners who are not interested in adopting Swedishness, the generosity is in peril, but the dominant media elites there, as here, prefer not to see the unpleasant.

Examples here and here.


Anonymous said...

Gates of Vienna blog also has a lot of postings on the capitulation of the Swedish elite to the Muslim immigrants.

Ben Wyman said...

Bryson always referred to the downside of the Swedish culture by pointing out "the national sport is suicide." That's as big a downside to any culture that I can imagine.