Monday, August 27, 2007

Parts Of Personality

I comment at other people’s blogs fairly frequently, and have trouble separating whether I have written about those subjects here or not. Woody and Roper, Ken McCracken, Tigerhawk, Maggie’s Farm and a dozen others – each have their own favored topics that they gravitate to, and I jump over there. Usually I figure that this is sufficient. Every topic doesn’t have to appear on every blog, nor is it necessary for all my friends to know all my views.

I have also my ten-year feud with my uncle, which has repeated themes as well. The audience for the latter includes only my two older sons about half the time (yes, dear lads, I spare you half of it), minus whatever they elect not to read. There are thus topics upon which I have repeated myself tediously, yet reviewing my posts here, I find them unmentioned. It seems odd at first that a line of argument I am “known for” at one place is something that doesn’t even register on my own site.

That’s the way we all are, though. What everyone who knows my wife at her job thinks is most obvious about her might be a surprise to me, a minor part of her character that hardly figures in my understanding of her. We are none of us as unitary as we think. Because we carry our own heads with us at all times, we see the parts as a connected, coherent, whole. Yet we all adapt to different environments, and seeing old friends in unfamiliar settings can be jarring. Their personalities did not stand still as they moved.

I will have to find bits from other parts of my life – or at least from AVI’s life – and bring them around.

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