Friday, August 10, 2007

48 x 4K ft.

My nephew Doug climbed Mt. Moosilauke today, which is the last of his 48 4000 footers. A lot of his climbs were in winter - always an extra burden. For those from the Rockies who sneer at such small mountains, I understand that the rockiness and slippery footing make the New England mountains harder than one would think. If you want to tell me I'm wrong, come try 'em.

So, congratulations. He's made a big dent in the Hundred Highest already, which is his next project.

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Anonymous said...

Plus out west they use a lot of switchbacks, especially in the Sierras. A lot of the trails were made with pack animals in mind, and have good footing and zigzag there way up the mountain. Here in New England they go straight up, no matter how steep it is.