Sunday, November 06, 2011

What We Read

Clicking back to my own page after visiting some sidebar links. my mind immediately assumed that Swedish Model Reassessed had something to do with a blonde with not enough clothes on.  And, why was I reassessing her, exactly?  This is just minutes after I posted it, so I knew it was about economics.  Theoretically.

Fish. Lure.

That may be age related, though. Supermodel is used so much more frequently than model these days that the association may not be so strong in a younger person's mind.


Retriever said...

I would have made the same association, despite being female.

karrde said...

Now that I've commented on the article below...

I am so used to the superlative form that I almost don't recognize the simple 'model'.

But I have to ask: which model sprang to mind?