Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Nome Storm

When you live on the Bering Strait, you already expect weather to be bad.  When the weather advisories say a life-threatening storm of epic magnitude, you have to figure that's pretty intense.

So when your boy is in that, you worry.


terri said...

Have you been able to hear how your son is?

Hoping he's coming through this crazy storm with no major trouble.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

He makes me crazy. He's treating it as an adventure and posting photos on Facebook. More bragging than fear.

Well, that's what young men do.


Dear Assisant Village Idiot,
Small world! I am Danny Bloom of Maggie' Farm post about.... Tuesday, November 29. 2011.....
‘Amazing Race’ a new take on an old hymn
...and I lived in Nome 1983 to 1985, two wonderful summers and winters, worked at Nome Community College, often flew out in winter ice to Savoonga and King Island, loved life there. Alaska for 12 years, best years of me life, now in Taiwan, after Japan 5 years and now Taiwan 15 years, and marooned here forever and love it.... and I am A BLOOMING IDIOT.......you can fidn me at danbloom888.blogspot.com in Taiwan, retired blooming idiot, but still blooming and still, forever, an idiot.

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Hope your son ii okay there. I lived through some mighty fearsome winter storms in Nome, wow! 14 churches there, and 14 baRS. NO WONDER.