Thursday, November 24, 2011

Talk-Like-A-Pilgrim Day

Talk like a pilgrim, according to the experts at Plimouth Plantation.

Actually, we talked like this a lot in the AVI household.  Ben still says "Huzzah" in entirely appropriate context.  If you consider any use of "huzzah" in the 21st C appropriate, that is. Part of the trick is to think how they must have actually said it in the flesh. If you think of it as huZZAHH! like a drunk at a basketball game you might be closer than our usual Shakespearean actor, stressing the second syllable only a bit more.

And I would quibble with Plimouth's usage just a touch.


Kitten said...

For some reason I've recently taken to using "yoiks" as an exclamation, although I'm rather fond of "hey-nonny-nonny" as well.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

You are clearly our sort of gal.

Gringo said...

The one I recall using was "hearth." "Hearth and home" is a familiar phrase. However, my memory is that "hearth" referred to the stone in front of the fireplace- which the dictionary confirmed.

Standing on the hearth to warm up in the winter is something I definitely recall, from having done it so many times. Like a roasted marshmallow- burning on one side and cold on another.

"Fare thee well" I believe I picked up from folk songs, such as Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, it's Allright."

Erin said...

I still use "huzzah," "alack" and "forsooth" in (hopefully) accurate contexts on a regular basis.