Sunday, November 20, 2011

ABBA 1974

Before the costumes got completely out of hand


CompassionateFascist said...

Are U sure they weren't lip-synchers?

Assistant Village Idiot said...

A good test of reasoning, that question.

There has never been a hint of that, so far as I know. Conspiracies are unstable, and no group of people larger than two could keep that secret this long. Therefore, the chance of ABBA lip-synching more closely approaches zero every year.

Anonymous said...

Look at the pic more closely, would a pop group these days not have tooth caps, implants, facial surgery? Telling.

Sam L. said...

Out of hand?? What, I say WHAT have you been smokin? The later costumes showed what BABEs these babes were; and I for one will brook NO, repeat NO not one single bit!, of contumely for their costumes.

(In my verification word, "wench" was a part of it. El Perfecto!