Saturday, November 19, 2011


No one is saying 150,000,000 Americans are lazy. And sure, 400 Americans are greedy. What's your point? How is this a rational argument?

While I don't consider it impossible that the people at OWS might be decent, reasonable people who can make an intelligent argument, the fact is, they don't. Here is The posters range from fairly easily refutable to sea anemone stupid.

These are not the communications of the people making fun of them, nor are they the placards being waved by people on the fringes trying to horn in on their credibility. This is what they have to say for themselves. These are unforced errors. The 1st Amendment is my permit. Really? Did anyone think that through for possible consequences for like, a minute or so?


karrde said...

Does the 1st Amendment permit me to camp on their front lawns, disrupt any unrelated business in the area, and create unhealthy long as I'm protesting something?

I can imagine some other consequences, though I'm not sure I've thought it out in full.

After the raucous interaction between Occupy DC and the Alliance For Prosperity, someone asked what the response would be if Planned Parenthood was subjected to a similar treatment.

Lastly, that raised-fist slogan (and the simplistic attitude that wealth owned by one causes a harm to another) reeks of socialism.

About the 'four applicants per job' sign: why blame rich people for not hiring when the government has just made every new hire more expensive?

Assistant Village Idiot said...

There is an air throughout these posters of We don't have jobs. They are wealthy. Therefore it is their fault. I consider that frightening thinking. There are legitimate arguments they might make. In general, they aren't.

Their crops have failed and they are looking for witches.

Sam L. said...

And they already KNOW who those witches are.