Tuesday, November 08, 2011


I was sent a link of some Farm Security Administration photos from the late Depression

The vividness of the color puts me in mind of my commentary, dating back to 2005, on the emotional influence black-and-white photography has on our experience of earlier times, and even on our social and political understanding of the times.


Donna B. said...

#58 reminds me of a photo my cousin took of her son a few years ago. It was in SW Colorado, but it's still a shepherd on a white horse against blue sky. The clothing styles are very similar too.

David Foster said...

Czarist Russia, in color

karrde said...

The pictures are amazing.

Color film was available, but not for the average family photographer, during that time.

(#67 is of an iron-works near where I live. Ihe facility still exists, and I think is still in operation.)