Saturday, November 26, 2011

Accented Syllable

THANKSgiving, ThanksGIVing, both interchangeably, or other? The national breakdown on that is
Color coded maps of the regional distribution.
The national dialect survey, with about 50 "How do you pronounce...?" and 75 "What word do you use for...?" examples.


james said...

Wish they'd plotted color-coded ratios instead.

Texan99 said...

"Other"? Would that be ThanksgivING?

I was surprised to see not much of a regional pattern. That looks pretty random. I'm a first-syllable type, myself. I assumed it was a Southern thing.

I have trouble with words I read but rarely hear, especially if they have a "g" in them that could be either hard or soft. I was surprised to hear a lecturer the other day pronounce "panegyric" as "pah-NEH-jir-ik." I've never known for sure how to say that word (jeer or jire?), but I assumed the accent was on the third syllable, pan-i-JIR-ik, as I now see dictionaries also advise. "Hegemony" confused me for a long time, too. I see the recommended pronunciation is "heh-JEH-mony."

I pronounce "err" as "urr" rather than "air," but I'm starting to think I'm the only one. Is that regional, or archaic, or something? invites visitors to record their own idea of how to pronounce words and lets other visitors vote on each version.