Monday, September 30, 2019

Most-Visited Posts #26-30

Sometimes all it takes to finally understand a topic is One Fact. November 2016

Local Aristocracy and Nationalisation of Culture. A cultural change in my lifetime. November 2017

Kazimir Malevich.  In trying to solve a puzzle about this painter, I learned that I was entirely wrong, and there was no puzzle. But I learned a fair bit in trying. January 2018

Chesterton Through The Eyes of Borges. This is fun if you like either author, extra fun if you like them both. June 2011

Nigger. A discussion of the use of the word, or more exactly, who gets to use it and how weird this is to those of us who just refuse to ever use it. I think the ground has already changed since I wrote this in November 2013.  Many comments, some deleted.

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Christopher B said...

Thoughts on nigger

I feel pretty safe saying I've probably heard or said that word in person no more than half a dozen times in my life.

And times have changed. I've been following the Carson King story because of my Iowa roots. That reporter's Twitter feed was full of references to nigger and niggas, and he was a pasty white as jug of milk. Trying to sound badass? Thinking it was a mark of being 'woke'? I have no clue.