Friday, September 13, 2019

To No Effect

Sadly, the Southern Poverty Law Center was seriously exposed in March, but everyone immediately forgot about it. Some of us have known for years that it was just a fund-raising scam descended from direct-mail, producing little work and simply listing its political enemies. Lots of offshore money. I had hopes this would cause the scales to drop from some eyes.  Guess not.

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Sam L. said...

Really?? My wife got a flyer from them last week.

"Yet, just a few months after all the bad publicity, there are no noticeable effects on how the wire services and The New York Times treat the SPLC as the objective authority on who are the Bad Guys you are obligated to hate. They simply assume most people won’t remember that the SPLC humiliated itself last March." Of course not. Who but fools trust the NYT?