Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Five Saved Links

Just How Many Obama 2012 - Trump 2016 voters were there? June 2017

Supreme Court Nominees.  Avoiding the WaPo paywall by going to the Lowell Sun, the favored newspaper of my father, and his father before him. July 2018

Violence Against Trump Supporters. Some of these are a stretch.  But lots of them are indeed items that would be 90-day wonders had they happened to Hillary or Obama. July 2018

Much older.  Our Universal Civilization.  A wonderful essay by V. S. Naipul. Summer 1991

Antifa Peace Through ViolenceAugust 2018

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Michael said...

My father got in trouble with the administration at Lowell Tech for writing an unflattering editorial about the Lowell Sun for the Lowell Tech student newspaper. But as a child, it did make its way into our house every day.