Saturday, September 07, 2019

Highest-Traffic Posts #41-45

Christian-as-Identity Part II. I don't know why Part I and Part III got only one-tenth the traffic. March 2019.

Changes In First Names In English 1200-2000. The interesting point is, they didn't change much from 1300-2000. I think half the traffic for my onomastics posts is me going back to look at them myself. The subject fascinates. May 2007

Is Alcohol Better For You Than Exercise?  You can see why this one attracted traffic.  May 2018.

Cultural Appropriation. The real kind.  I discuss the move "A Wrinkle in Time," March 2018.
Extreme Anti-Catholicism. It had good comments then, and might be worth another look now.  Does anyone see this type of anti-Catholicism anymore? June 2007


bs king said...

Well Jack Chick died in 2016, and I think it would be hard for anyone to match his legacy.

In all seriousness, I suspect it would be hard to re-create that type of anti-Catholicism as the population gets less religiously knowledgeable. I have older relatives and acquaintances who ascribe to it, but very few younger folks.

However, if RBG or one of the other non-Catholic SCOTUS members dies or retires in the next year and the nominee is Coney-Barrett, I'm guessing we'll hear a whole new groundswell.

Christopher B said...

I suspect Part II gets a lot of traffic because of the references to Obama and Trump.

The are echoes of the SDA-style anti-Catholicism in most Protestantism. I've been in more than a few churches, and heard more than a few people, substitute Christan for catholic in the Apostles Creed to this day, even if we now profess tolerance.

Agree with bs king that a lot of current anti-Catholicism is pro-abortion sentiment, mixed in with revulsion of pedophile priests.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Many Protestant churches officially substitute "Christian" for "Catholic" in the creed, believing that it confuses people into equating it with Roman Catholics. Most people don't know it means universal in that context.

I say "Catholic" and "descended into Hell," even though those aren't the words on the screen, because I'm both OCD and irritating.