Sunday, September 08, 2019

Beach Boys Cover

I noted that singers don't often cover the Beach Boys, because it's hard.  I suppose if you are these guys, though, it's a little more accessible.  Note that they did sing next what is probably the easiest of the Beach Boys' songs, "Barbara Ann," which was something of a throwaway on an album. And then Anni-Frid brings another surprise.

There is something comfortable about musicians sitting around having a good time together. No that it is entirely spontaneous or they are unaware of the audience or camera, but it is informal.

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Donna B. said...

That informality in my college years is what I remember fondly. Instrumentally, the fun was at football games... percussion and brass players were always "starting something" in the stands and we'd all pick up on it, improvise, and end in gales of laughter. Vocally, it was at the Phi Mu Alpha parties, but essentially the same -- someone would start something and it always ended in 3 part harmony and laughter.

Ahhh… the good ole days!