Thursday, June 21, 2012

How To Lie With Statistics

Sometime in the midafternoon tomorrow, I will reach 200,000 pageviews after only 6.6 years of blogging.

Except that at least 10%, and more likely 20% of those are me.  There's a way to shut off Blogger counting hits from your own ISP, but I just learned that last year.  And all the hits for ABBA photos, and the flamingoes and meerkats.

But still, it's a heckuva lot more audience than I had the 6.6 years before that.  And my two oldest children may listen to me more here, because they have some control and can hit the off button whenever they want.  So there's that.

Thank you all, really.  I think things through more, because I have to plan how I am going to put them, and this encourages me to think of possible objections and answer those.  I talk to myself more, but I don't mind that.

1 comment:

Sam L. said...

You're velcommmmme, I'm sure.

It's really OK to talk to yourself, but not loudly. Shouting is right out! Snide remarks...don't go there.