Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cosmic, Man.

I chuckled today over remembering that the Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth," which became a serious protest anthem for decades, was actually about the closing of a nightclub.  I had discarded the idea of posting about it, because I didn't want to kick the memory of one of the folk-rock legends, even if said criticism was entirely just.  I was thinking about it in terms of Richie Furay.

This very day, Steve Sailer references the same obscure event, talking about the origin of hippies.  Weird, man.  Maybe it's like that Celery Consciousness* that Arlo used to talk about.

For the record, my route to the subject was thinking about whether Poco or Loggins and Messina had done "Love Song."  When we did it, the harmonies were full blast, equal volume with the melody.  Loved that song.  Can still hear Paul Van Hook singing it.

From there, I did a Wikipedia wander through the Calvary Chapel churches - I hadn't known they were a denomination, I thought a lost of fundies just liked the name - Larry Norman, and the Talbot Brothers.

Post on that right away.

*Lame joke about "Cellular Consciousness," but done well as a concert bit on his album "Precious Friends."

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