Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yummy Mummies?

It is an appalling name, certainly.  British popular culture is no more elevated than ours, I'm afraid, and this particular section of the Telegraph is rather notorious.  Cherie Blair has decided to kick women who stay at home, and someone is calling them yummy mummies.

Both Bethany and Retriever have posted on related topics lately, and I think they are better qualified than I to comment.  But I will point out that in these discussions, a wide variety of women and arrangements seem to be stuffed into single categories in order that people - okay, women - can make political points.  In the above, there are quick slides between statistics about women who work part time vs. not outside the home vs. wish they could stay home...

I don't think that's wise.

Are all our sociopolitical arguments just fights between women over what is the right type of person to be?

Update: I should have mentioned that I got the link via Maggie's


bs king said...

The whole grouping women thing bugs me.

My job is promoting me to entice me to come back post maternity leave, and both of my bosses are women and mothers.

Thus, my decision (provided no disasters) to be a working mom feels categorically different from the choices many women that it's hardly overly noble of me.

It just annoys me to be tagged as more "modern" or "ambitious" because I recognize an awesome situation and am taking advantage of it.

Texan99 said...

My approach to things like this is that it's no one else's business how my husband and I arrange things under our own roof. I'm not inclined to dictate to other women how they ought to manage their domestic affairs, either, as long as they're not asking me to rescue them from the consequences.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

T99 - Apparently you are never going to get published in national media with that attitude.

Sam L. said...

There are people who look down on others because of their choices, or the choices forced on them by circumstance. Some of these are women, and some of them are vicious about this.

Real bummers.