Friday, June 01, 2012

How They Should Fight

Ann Barnhart over at "Sancte Pater" is annoyed with the Catholic bishops for how they are fighting in their protests against the Obama administration.  I think she is right.  They should not be closing down their services in protest, they should be keeping them going, on their own terms, forcing the government to come in and close their hospitals.  Dare them.

Won't happen, though. Once people have got into their head that doing X is the righteous way to proceed, convincing them that anti-X is a better strategy is impossible.  They then think you are trying to trick them.

HT: Grim @ Grim's Hall


james said...

You'd think there was already adequate precedent for non-violent resistance from the civil rights movement.

Of course this wouldn't have nearly as good visuals as fire hoses on unarmed marchers. The main activity would be behind the scenes: multiplying inspections to find something to use to decertify, freezing accounts of hospitals, demanding that drug firms not provide medicines to no-longer certified institutions, voiding contracts, and so on.

The only things that would appear in front of cameras would be magnified labor disputes, descriptions of frivolous complaints (*), and suchlike things. And if it doesn't appear on TV, it didn't exist.

Still, trying to keep doing good is the way to go.

(*) I assume patients file frivolous lawsuits at some level everywhere. You know more about that than I; but something similar happens at universities.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Yes, you are likely right that the government PR people will be superior in knowing how not to make this look bad.