Thursday, June 14, 2012

Turing Test

In response to the improving-quality spam I've been getting in the comments.

Artificial Intelligence Designer:  We still haven't got it quite right.  You robots are so close to imitating humans, but something elusive is missing.

Robot:  I challenge that.  We're indistinguishable from humans now.

AID:  Not in humor.

Robot:  Ridiculous.  I write screenplays and comedy routines.

AID:  But it's all broad, obvious humor: slapstick, puns - simple stuff.  There's nothing new or subtle.

Robot:  So, two guys walk into a bar.

AID: Yeah?

Robot:  I forget the rest.


Sam L. said...

You know what they say about memory... I hope you do, because I can't recall...

Dubbahdee said...

A guy walks into a bar. He says, "OW!"

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