Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Music Genres

I ran across the musical genre crunk in my reading. Apparently there are subcategories of it, such as crunkcore, aquacrunk. I ran across all these ridiculously narrow genres in an article talking about more recent styles of metal music.
Death metal
Black metal
Blackened Death metal
It’s completely out-of-hand.
There’s Electro
Southern hip-hop
Miami bass
Hardcore punk
Dozens, just dozens of tiny genres. Who keeps track of these things?

See, it wasn’t like that in my day. Thinks were simpler then. It was basically just Rock music or Folk music.
Hard rock, soft rock, light rock. Folk-rock, psychedelic rock, Heavy Metal.

Well, and there was Motown, of course, and Pop.

Come to think of it there was Rhythm & Blues, Doo-wop, Surf rock, Blues rock. Blues. Garage bands, which spawned garage rock. Soul. Gospel.

Country music - except that was a whole different thing, until it wasn’t; and there was bluegrass and rockabilly.

So maybe you have to go back before that to get simpler categories, where it was just Big Band, and show tunes. More types of religious music were popular – do those count?

And Jazz. Hot jazz and cool jazz, really. Light jazz. And early country was really Country & Western, so Western Swing. Swing. Vegas Lounge. Dixieland, Scat, Honky-Tonk…

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Mr Tall said...


Artificial grass tennis courts said...

Acoustic is my fave genre. It's not in your list but you can try listening to it. It's mellow guitar strung will make you feel relax when your stress out.

Unknown said...

nice written

jaed said...

The spammers are getting scarily close to imitating a thinking being. (Skynet must be coming soon....)

Kitten said...

Yes. Artificial Grass Tennis Courts Seems to be to AVI what LaceWigs and Machines for Sale are to Ace of Spades.

Erin said...

And you're missing out on the joys of (sarcasm intended) a whole other set of classifications found on TV.

The music channels that come with our cable package are misleading in their labeling. The stations you would expect to have mainstream radio songs rarely have recognizable bands on them.

My favorite, though, is the Contemporary Christian station. Now I enjoy a trip down memory lane just as much as the next person. But don't call a station "contemporary" if 80% of the music is Point of Grace, Michael W. Smith, Twila Paris, and Michael Card ranging from the 80s to early 90s release dates. (The other 20% is a mix of more recent songs by some of these artists with a few rock, punk, or alternative Christian songs jarringly thrown into the mix).

Sam L. said...

Music comes in only three (3) categories: I like it; I don't like it;I may or may not listen to the whole piece.

Call me a Philistine. Or a Filisteen. See if I care.

You'd be better off trying to sandpaper a tiger's testicles than mess with me.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Tiger Testicles is actually a new musical genre, and I predict that Sandpapering will become a subcategory soon.

It's Asian-influenced, but in strict 4/4 time, characterised by alternating periods of silence and yowls. Sort of emo with a lot of half tones and quarter tones.