Thursday, December 21, 2006


I have a post that has gotten too long, concerning motivation, information war, the thought processes of fanatics and a bunch of other semi-related topics. It's got some good stuff in it, but I can't imagine anyone reading the whole thing, and the writing is more meandering than focussed. I'm going to rethink it. There must be a better way to say this.


Anonymous said...

So, do like us pros do: outline.

Cut apart the thoughts into blocks. See them in isolation, see how they might fit together.

Expand some, shrink others, throw some away (or save them for later).

But always outline. Structure the piece. Then write it.

Anonymous said...

I'm telling ya David, think "book."

GraniteDad said...

Please Dennis, don't encourage him! He needs to get the first one published and the second one written before he moves on.