Monday, December 04, 2006

December 2005 Archives

I confess I like a lot of the things I’ve written over the last year. Yeah, yeah, humble people aren't supposed to say things like that. Go figure, huh? It's not necessarily brilliant writing and thinking, but good thinking and good-enough writing. I reprised some of last November’s entries this November, and started checking December 2005 for things I might republish this year. I was surprised at how recent they seemed to me. Certainly it wasn’t a whole year ago that I wrote…

I liked so many of 'em I thought they would clutter up December 2006 if I kept bringing them forward, even with the trick of bringing only the title and first paragraph, with a link to the rest. Even though you could easily do it yourself on the sidebar, I’m making it even easier for you by putting the link here
starting with Using Humor To Tell Friends You’re Conservative. There are articles that didn’t please me much upon review, so you might skip the following: Medicare Part D, Global Wetting, and Requisite Apology.

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