Sunday, December 03, 2006

Geek Test

Discovered via Tigerhawk.

I scored 24.45759% Geek, which is just short of Total Geek. Yes they do use that many significant digits.

I think the average here will run 15-30%

Over at innergeek


Anonymous said...

34.91124%, or total geek.

Whatever, I was an engineering major. I got that through osmosis. (Yes, I'm assuming geekiness is water)

GraniteDad said...

30.17751% - Total Geek.

Needed more Star Wars/D&D bits for my true geekiness to shine through. Also, not enough about repairing other peoples' computers, which should give extra points. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

21.49901%! Though being a librarian and female helped.

Anonymous said...

Patently, I am not a geek; no matter what my highschool peers used to think. However, I will not attend the 45th reunion of my graduating class.

Anonymous said...

46.35108% - Super Geek. Yowser. I blame it on the fact that I was abandoned by my parents at birth and then raised by engineers. Learned to program in Basic by age 12 (Silicon Valley, 1974), was real disappointed when 1999 came along and we still didn't have eagles to take us to moonbase Alpha. Who's the geek now, AVI? -cp

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Excellent, cp.

Basic originated with Kemeny at Dartmouth in the late 60's, so we were on it here early. When I went to college in 1971, none of the professors at W&M had heard of it and thought it must be not be a real language. They taught Fortran, which had a future. Heh.