Friday, December 01, 2006

TCS Update

TCSDaily, which used to be known as tech central station, has more than an average number of fascinating articles this week. Economist Nathan Smith has an article

in which you will learn the difference between the Restaurant Economy and the iPod Economy. Amidst the complaints that inequality is growing in America, this article tells you why.

Computers and the internet, by reducing the costs of reproducing information, are making our economy less like the restaurant and more like the Ipod. In the Ipod economy, money buys more, but rewards for work seem crazily out of proportion.

In the interview with Bjorn Lomborg – and don’t you just intuitively know that a guy named Bjorn is both intelligent and fun? – the controversial Dane describes how the global warming discussion has deteriorated, and how the whole argument prevents us from doing environmental things that would be useful.

Stephen Bainbridge reports on how infanticide is drawing preliminary approval from the Church of England,

Josh Manchester describes that instead of the Pentagon’s 3 choices for Iraq: Go Long, Go Big, and Go Home, we should Go Native, and, and, and…

There’s lots of good stuff there, as always.

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Anonymous said...

Senator-elect Jim Webb, referred to in one of the TCS articles, is patently one of the wealthy elite; he is worth millions because he is part of the i-pod economy. Yet he decries his own good fortune. Trouble is, he wants to take your money and redistribute it to salve his own conscience.

Or maybe he's just a sock puppet for the Left-wing of the Democrat Party. Either he doesn't "get it" or he doesn't care, even though he tries to sound like he does.