Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Design Your Own Father

There is a theory which states that your image of God will be much influenced by your image of your own father. Your image of the Church, on the other hand, derives greatly from your picture of your mother. I don't know if it's true - such things are hard to measure objectively, and it's easy to squeeze the data into whatever mold you like. But it's intriguing, and I've always thought it possible.

For those of us with zero full-fathers and/or multiple partial fathers, this is of course problematic. I have always thought my situation, having 3 fathers with serious limitations all, was a spiritual obstacle. It occurred to me Sunday that I might turn the lack into an advantage: design my own father. Perhaps that's what I was starting when I wrote Gardener, below, though I wasn't thinking it at the time. Suspecting that, I don't know if I can write more of it cleanly. We'll see. I'll certainly spin it out, and see how it works.

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terri said...

I never could relate to God, as my father, until I myself became a parent. My parents weren't reallly "parents" in the same sense that I think of a parent....encouraging, someone to look up to, someone to guide you, someone who always was looking out for the best for you.

Now that I endeavor to raise my children, I can understand, so much more clearly, that aspect of God. He loves His children and is more than able to care for them.