Monday, December 04, 2006

For Young Parents

Many people keep photos and sentimental memoribilia of their family at work. Included in mine are two notes from my second son, probably from first grade.

And a language arts paper, in which he was supposed to make up three sentences on his own.

I went to the new store.
Who went with Jon to the fun, too?
Why are there two dead people in my house?

Seventeen years later, and he never did turn into a parent- or sibling-murderer. Things turn out okay, they really do. You’re just in the harrowing part now.


terri said...

hehehe.....oh this hits too close to home today...I just posted about my son's talking back problem...or should I say "My" problem with his talking back?....he doesn't think it's a problem at all! :-)

Anonymous said...

My personal favorite is that tape you have of trying to teach Jonathan the Lords Prayer. Classic.

GraniteDad said...

That tape actually died, I believe. I was quite disappointed. But Lauren Gagnon did mention to a co-worker some pictures they have from Jr. High....

Anonymous said...

So, AVI, what did you do to tick him off before your birthday?