Monday, December 11, 2006

Cold Comfort, Perhaps.

An interesting article over at American Thinker about the intellectual roots of current political thought from the American left. Notably, it doesn't blame Europeans, but demonstrates how this particular foolishness was home-grown. The writer lays the blame at the feet of William Appleman Williams and C. Wright Mills. Williams I had not heard of.

I was assigned a book by C Wright Mills in college. I usually remember what I read and none of this looked familiar, so it must have been among the many assignments I did not, technically speaking, actually do. I recall I passed the course anyway. Which should give all of us Grumpy Old Men who are always complaining about the crap they're teaching kids in college these days a bit of comfort. What is being taught is not the same as what is being learned. Remember?

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Anonymous said...

...Which is one of the reasons why I went into engineering.