Tuesday, July 27, 2021


I have not bought saltines in years - they are just flour and salt, after all - but I bought some today.  I swear they are smaller.


Aggie said...

My great grandad had a Sunday-night meal that was either bread & left-over gravy (from the Sunday dinner) or crackers and milk, using crushed saltines and whole cream milk. Every once in a great while I get a hankering, it's a unique flavored comfort food.

They are smaller, and you can tell from the odd package weights now; what was once a pound is now 13.25 oz. for instance. Triscuit boxes have gotten so small that nowadays you can almost fit a box in your hip pocket. "Shrinkflation" is the new craze.

Sam L. said...

Yes, everything is smaller these days, except the lies. THOSE are BIGGER. Cynical?? MOI????? You betcha!