Monday, July 05, 2021

Euro Cup

I played soccer - badly - in high school. All of my boys played, and I even coached it a little at a beginner's level.  One of the Romanian sons was even quite good.  I am not much of a fan in general, but the larger tournaments attract my eye a tiny bit.  The few minutes of video highlights for each game is just about as much as I want to see, and I have something of an idea of each of the Round-of-16 teams' players. There are four left, with semifinal games tomorrow and Wednesday.  I may even follow the score on a separate tab and check in on highlights along the way - a remarkable level of interest for me at this point.

It's a game that's much more enjoyable to watch in person than on TV, though when one only recognises a few players the announcers help out a lot. I always root for England and Canada next after the US, then the rest of the British Isles, or perhaps Norway or Romania because of my sons. I like small countries or underdogs when I have nothing else.  My oldest son always roots against England, still having gotten over neither the Act of Union nor the American Revolution.

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