Monday, July 19, 2021


Activity for the family reunion in august is starting to ramp up.  Four of five sons and all five granddaughters will be arriving for Ben's wedding reception #1 and allied celebrations. (Chris would still have to go into two-week quarantine upon returning to Norway, so he isn't coming.  He hopes to make it to wedding reception #2 in Texas in October.) Other family and friends will come for at least a day. The town we are going to be camping in the second week, the one with all the covered bridges, has been flooded the last few days, but the area we will be seems okay. 

Preparations and organising used to fall mostly to us, and we still walk around tentatively wondering if there is something we should be doing that we have forgotten.  But the daughters-in-law seem to have matters well in hand and we have only limited duties. I might be taxiing granddaughters about southern NH, providing me with a captive audience to tell long, pointless stories to, as my father before me did. Unwelcome educational discussions are also a big item on those rides, including especially NH history.


james said...

The classic story

Mike Guenther said...

That was pretty good.

I have a first edition of "Adam's Diary" by Mark Twain. It's a humorous tale as told by "Adam."

james said...

I remember it. "when discontented it is able to make from twenty-two to thirty-eight times the noise it made at first. Coercion does not modify this, but has the contrary effect."

"if Cain had stayed a bear it would have improved him"