Tuesday, July 20, 2021


One can already read about polls and rumors of who will be the Republican candidate in 2024. Joe Biden will not be the Democratic candidate, so that slot will also be open.  There seems to be less media interest in that.  Do they think it would spark division among Democrats, or undermine Kamala Harris as heiress-apparent? I don't know that it would, but I can see thinking so.

I am just suspicious of any difference in media treatment, that it is not accidental.

Maybe there are polls that i just haven't seen.  Maybe it is a big topic in parts of the internet I don't go.


Christopher B said...

Joe Biden will not be the Democratic candidate...

I was as sure as anybody that Biden would be 25th'ed in due course but I've been rethinking that. Harris is pretty universally despised, even among Democrats. Remember that she dropped out before Iowa cast a vote, even after her one good debate moment against Joe. I'm fairly certain that she's in the VP slot only because Joe stumble-bummed his way into the corner of declaring his running mate would be a minority female. It wasn't like they didn't try pretty hard to find *anybody* fitting those qualifications who would take the job before they landed on Harris.

Yes, there could be a crisis that visibly highlights Biden's cognitive decline but I'm starting to think that the Democrat PTB might be willing to roll the dice in 2024. The media are certainly willing to play their part, and Harris will still be there as the backstop and ready to take over as heir apparent. Though I have to bring up once more that one party occupying the White House for twelve years has been pretty uncommon without the VP ascending to the Presidency first.

Grim said...

They shoulda picked Tulsi, but they're afraid of her because she thinks for herself. (I don't agree with her more than about half the time, but that's because she thinks for herself.) She at least is a decent, patriotic human being who doesn't manifest that she despises everyone around her.

james said...

The media love "inside baseball," don't they? They'd rather report on purported "electability" than the candidates' qualifications.

Zachriel said...

Christopher B: there could be a crisis that visibly highlights Biden's cognitive decline

There is no evidence of any cognitive decline beyond normal aging. Biden does long interviews where he is clearly in command of his faculties and knowledge.

Aggie said...

They've put themselves into a terrible position by choosing Harris, the least-liked candidate in the last campaign. And as it turns out, her popularity is unidirectional. The more one sees of her, the more one dislikes what they see. And to make matters worse, the party knows it, and the in-party infighting sharks are taking action, making any chance of success in her current position impossible. The more they try to correct, the faster it gets worse.

Narr said...

"no . . . cognitive decline beyond normal aging."

I've said for a while that both Joe and Trump are too old for the job.

Cousin Eddie