Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Similar to the previous post, my wife is quite pleased this moment by what just happened while listening to "Says You" on NPR.  They play a variant of the Dictionary Game, in which contestants make up possible definitions for a word. The real definition is inserted into the possibles, and they try to guess which one is correct.  In our version, you get a point for guessing correctly, and a point for each person you fool with your made-up definition.  We haven't played in years, because it takes too long to play with Tracy, trying to find a word she doesn't know. Even when she says she doesn't know, the definition she makes up is close enough that we realise in retrospect she actually did know it.  She guessed that wherry was a light boat.

Tonight she knew both words they offered for definition: "perry," which I also knew, and "eyas," which I did not.