Friday, December 13, 2019

Entertainment As Destruction

I was reflecting how annoying polarisation is.  If one is reading anything about women in the church, for example, it seems it is either a full on battle with men, or some jibroney talking about how great those li'l gals are, or someone complaining about how the feminists have destroyed the church. I'm sure there are fourth and fifth poles at still other extremes. I think "Can't we just show a little balance, here?" Most people I know are nowhere near any extreme.  They are just who they are, and they think things about themselves and the world.

Yet I answer my own question.  When people start reading balanced things, they are more apt to be boring, and I tend to turn away myself.  I want that juice, want that hit of interest.  So the balanced people, however numerous they are, lose audience to the more fascinating, if more obnoxious writers. I think it works for all the arts, and all the areas of controversy. My need for entertainment helps destroy constructive discussion.