Saturday, September 22, 2018

Secret Handshake

I am well-positioned to observe what people use as the codes to establish who they are and signal to others. I go into work only 8 days a month now, and because I am always in coverage, I get moved around to any of 7 units, 14 teams. Because I have worked there 40 years, I know at least someone on each team well, but because there is staff turnover and I have been a coverage person for more than three years, there will also be a person I know very little, with the rest (2-4 people) in between.

These are psychologists, social workers, OT/RT's, psychiatrists, and psych nurses. 90+% liberals.  Less often, I see mental health attorneys, testing psychologists, and community mental health professionals. 95+% liberals.  Lastly, I see speakers from nonprofits, advocates on grant money, and instructors on new regulations (or new attitudes) from other agencies. 100% liberals. Very few know that I am post-liberal, and assume they are among their own kind. People say the most amazing things when they think no one problematic is listening.

If the conversation goes on at any length, or it is a formal meeting/instruction, there is an excellent chance that someone will make an anti-Trump joke within three minutes, instantly approved and topped by someone else present. It's the new secret handshake.  The old secret handshakes were more varied.

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