Monday, September 10, 2018

Everything Old Is New Again - Wyman Edition

My son tweeted this with the quote: "Kohl’s models are going with “handsome version of David Wyman’s outfits from 1983-2018”

This is essentially true.  Okay, it's Kohl's. And it is clearly the older gent, not the current fashion look, but still...

If you wait long enough, you come back into fashion.

Then there is the song with that name. There are half-a-dozen YouTubes of this, but I chose the one most appropriately ridiculous, with Anne Murray (who sings it best) saying " the way we Nova Scotians throw a party, right?" My grandfather moved down from Nova Scotia, and yeah, this would be about the wildest party he could have imagined, yeah: The wives crammed together at repurposed school-lunch tables, dressed in churchwomen's banquet best, the men stuffed amazingly into penguin suits with standard Kiwanis choreography. Anne Murray was either hurting for gigs, or a very nice person doing a favor for a friend. Still, the voice is there. Homage to Grandpa Wyman's people. Let it be known that his son dressed better than he did, and I dressed better than that. We have generation over generation improvement here.

I just watched this three times running, caught between irony and nostalgia. There is a double "everything old" quality about this, because this is the sort of annual banquet entertainment I remember from my youth.

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