Monday, June 03, 2013

Spatial Abilities

I watched my two-year-old granddaughter handle the puzzles in church nursery yesterday.  She's good at them*.  But noticing that doesn't tell you much, because it is difficult to tell whether this is one of those things that she's better than the other kids, better than her sister, or Holy Cow! She's uncanny at this!  We test out the latter by pushing more Legos at children, just in case they develop one of those fascinations and starts building more glial cells in one area from an early age.

Under theories of genetic load providing foundation for abilities, it's unlikely that she's got a few superstar alleles, more likely that she has fewer workable-but substandard alleles. Here's the thing: today we guess wildly at those answers.  By the time she is an adult, we will know them.

*Jonathan and Heidi both said she gets this from Heidi.

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